I thought it was a magazine shot.”

- Michelle W

A shutter click is 1/125th of a second. And in that split second, my heart races because I know this is the moment.


You can trust me. 

Kate Mahaits

Kate Mahaits

I am a professionally trained photographer with 15 years of experience practicing lifestyle photography. I earned a diploma in professional photography from the renowned Western Academy of Photography (WAP) in Victoria, BC, and still get that electric feeling every time I step into a shoot. 

But so much happens before ‘that moment.’ It’s care and expertise with lighting. It’s walking you through how to get your gorgeous self ready for a shoot. It’s getting to know you and what you need the photos to do so we can capture your radiance in less time. And it’s instinct about just when to raise my camera. 

Brands I’ve photographed include Crystal Hills Organics, Locavore, Cloudburst Café, Squawkfox, Sacred Frankincense, and others.

Finally, you have a photo that feels like you and you love it!

Headshots starting at $275

Choose between three professional headshot styles. All sessions include:

  • Choice of studio or outdoors

  • Pose coaching

  • Private Online Proofing Gallery (available for 3 months)

  • BONUS web-ready files for use on websites, social media and professional networking

  • Reproduction rights

  • Option to purchase additional retouched image files 

Okanagan headshot photography sample17.jpg


A less-is-more style ideal for professionals and artists.

To respect your busy schedule, we have a headshot session designed to get results quickly in just 30 minutes, and we also offer in-studio portrait (head-to-toe) sessions.


For the entrepreneurial business professional, actor, model, online dating who thrive—and help others thrive—in a certain environment or aesthetic.

A lifestyle portrait session tells a bit more about you. It includes a head and shoulders headshot as well as up full body portrait.

These can be done in studio or your favourite indoor or outdoor location.

Kelowna lifestyle photography sample18.jpg

vernon corporate photography sample19


Think outside the boardroom! Or stay in it if that’s where you’re cool and confident.

Business headshots that are consistent and capture the spirit of your brand present you as a tight team. Clients will want to be a part of that energy!

Let’s tailor a plan that accommodates your company’s growth and all the milestones along the way.

We offer on-location business photography services.

personal branding 

You aren’t like the others and you don’t want boring photos either!

This session is well-suited to bloggers, writers, entertainers and influencers—people who want to turn up the volume on their personality and attract the right projects.

This in-depth lifestyle portrait session lets us zoom in on you and all the ‘things’ that make you…you! Now you have timeless, one-of-a-kind images to post for days and days.

Okanagan personal branding photography sample20.jpg

Vernon food photography sample21.jpg


Show off whatever it is you make, and make others want to join your tribe!

For small items (smaller than 20” in any direction), we can bring our studio to you to save you time and money. A lá carte options available.

Ready to schedule your session so you can have gorgeous, oh-my-gosh images you can’t wait to share?!